- Seniors should have applications done if attending a 4 year college. If students have not applied to a college, other choices in obtaining more education in their area of interest include Technical colleges, Community colleges, Apprenticeships, and Military branch of your choice. Your Career Center can help you.
- Time is marching on! Your FAFSA (Financial Aid) forms should be submitted at on January 1st.
- The Scholarship book is in the career center and emailed to your school email and visit to find more scholarships. Do Not Pay For Scholarships. There are many free safe sites.
- Check to see if your mid-year transcripts have been mailed to the schools to which you have applied.
- Rank your finalized list of colleges.
Look for Pell Grant program information in your Student Aid Report (SAR).
- Submit your Student Aid Report (tax forms, if necessary) to the financial aid office. Be certain your application is complete: find out what else you need to do to establish and maintain eligibility for financial aid.


- Go through college catalogs or visit web sites using Career Cruising (save to your portfolio), or the 3-5 schools that interest you the most.
- Come to the college recruiter visits in the Library.
- Have a discussion with your parents about colleges in which you are interested. Examine financial resources, and gather information about financial aid.
- Set up a filing system with individual folders for each college’s correspondence and printed material.
- When possible, plan a trip to your college campuses. Call ahead to schedule a tour – a college should be a “right fit”.
-, visit the Career Center for username and password.

Sophmores / Freshman

- Get involved in activities outside the classroom. Work toward leadership positions in the activities that you like best. Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities. (The people who read college applications are not looking just for grades.)
You are searching for an interesting career go to visit the Career Center for username and password

- Follow up to make sure that the colleges have received all application information, including recommendations and test scores.
- Meet with your counselor to verify that all applicable forms are in order and have been sent out to colleges.
- Keep copies of all forms you submit.
- Check out this information site: Career Center Important Dates / Information.
- , visit the Career Center for username and password.