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A Cavalcade of Authors 2014
March 14, 2014
CBC Campus

For general information, visit
Most books are available at your KHS Library (also available at Mid-Columbia Library)

  • Read 4 bks. (each from a diff. cav author)    
  • Complete a 2 question  worksheet for each book
  • Finish by Feb. 21st 
  • Be among the 1st 50 students who finish the reading to reserve your spot at the event
  • Read 8 diff CCA authors to get a free T-shirt

Read 180 reference list of books.....Click Here!


6:45 AM—3:15 PM except on early release days

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Contact one of our lovely library secretaries Mrs. Elder or Mrs. Parr to assist you. 
They are really nice, but if you are a repeat offender you may get mauled! 

You have been warned!!