Counseling Department
  • Your GPA is beginning to count, keep your grades up. Now is the time to start strong and stay strong.
  • Take challenging courses, four years each of math, english, science, and social studies makes for a well rounded mind for your future.
  • Join clubs or organizations and volunteer in areas that interest you. This will be used for scholarship and college applications.
  • Begin your portfolio with Career Cruising. For your username and password come into the Career Center.
  • How are your study habits? Develop solid study habits and time management skills.
Graduation Requirements: A total of twenty-one (21) credits in grades 9 through 12 are required for graduation from high school in the Kennewick School District. A student must satisfy all graduation requirements in order to participate in the districtís commencement exercises. Students transferring into the Kennewick School District during their Junior or Senior year may be allowed to satisfy requirements of their previous school district in order to obtain a diploma from the Kennewick School District.